Reprint in the24project

“Of Ideal Prison Responses”

A fun ezine put together on a deadline by a friend of mine and her boyfriend. It was assembled in 24h and will only be online for a week. I think they published everything they got; it’s actually quite impressive.

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Poem in Fuselit: Contraption


This issue looks amazing. If you have some spare cash, buying a physical copy would probably not be disastrous. Otherwise, there’s always the free e-broadsheet and e-book editions (donation optional).

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Two poems in Bigger Than They Appear

Bigger Than They Appear: Anthology of Very Short Poems includes two of mine, “Tercet” and “YouTube in Love”.

I'll be honest: I wasn't sure how much to expect from this book. I hadn't heard of the publisher before I stumbled upon its website, and a project of this nature almost invites the submission of tossed off poems and amputated bits of abortive poems. As it turns out, though, editor Katerina Stoykova-Klemer has put together a remarkable (and remarkably various) anthology. I've yet to read a single piece in it that seemed thrown in to make up the numbers; as most people who've edited a lit mag or antho will know, that's really saying something. Well worth your $15, I'd say.

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Video of my talk at texture

Topics include: writing, distraction, Kerouac, budget cuts, Maru

I sure say “um” a lot. And wave my hands. Huh. (P.S. Yes, the “rocket out of the soul” stuff is Bukowski. Cyril Wong read that poem as basically his whole talk. Hope that clears things up.)

Props to Ada, Enoch, and the scores of other people who made texture happen. It was fun; I hope it becomes a regular thing.

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Poem in For Every Year

For Every Year is an online mag with a great concept: one story/poem/thingy for every year since (and including) the death of Chaucer. The content is eclectic; there’re some pretty earnest litty pieces mixed in with some just-don’t-give-a-shit ridiculous I-don’t-even-know-whats. But it’s never dull.

Except maybe today. I don’t know. Read it and see:

“Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Pausing Between Bites of Umbilical Cord, Addresses His First Aphorism to His Father”

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More on Jee Leong’s book

I published an appreciative review of Jee Leong Koh‘s Seven Studies for a Self-Portrait in August. I’ve since discovered (belatedly) a fine and almost absurdly in-depth review of the book at the blog Eshuneutics. The first part is here; six (!) more follow. Well worth reading if you’re into Jee Leong’s work. I’m thankful for the reviewer’s gracious corrections; I think his review does me almost as great a kindness as it does the poet.


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texture: a firstfruits seminar on creative writing

texture: a firstfruits seminar on creative writing

I’ll be speaking this Saturday at a “seminar” organised by my wonderful publisher, firstfruits publications. Each speaker will give a brief talk on some aspect of the creative process (I know, I know).

From what I understand, it’s aimed primarily at student writers, though I’m sure more experienced writers will take a collegial interest in what the speakers have to say. (I’m especially looking forward to Kai Chai’s and Cyril’s presentations.) I haven’t sent in my material yet–bad me!–but I plan to talk about mastering distraction (which is not the same as avoiding it). Expect pics of Maru and Kerouac’s scroll.

Time: 24 September · 19:00 – 20:30
Location: Li Ka Shing Library, reading room, level 5, Singapore Management University (70 Stamford Road, Singapore 178901)

Preregister (free, but required) at this link. See the FB event page for more information.

Props to the NUS and SMU literary societies for their part in organising this. I know from experience what a bother it can be.

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